Release notes 1.85

Keylabs 1.85 Release Notes

Image rotation

It is now possible to rotate the image in the editor, which may be useful for images that were taken by a tilted camera.

To rotate image in the editor:

  • Hold down the ctrl key, then click and hold the left mouse button on the point around which you want to rotate the viewport. A dotted circle will appear around the point you've clicked.

  • Move the mouse pointer out of the circle. Now the circle becomes solid, and you can move the mouse pointer around it to rotate the image.

  • The rotation will be restricted to 15 degrees increments while you're holding down the Ctrl key. Release the Ctrl key to rotate to an arbitrary angle.

Other related changes in the editor:

  • in the minimap, the top side of the viewport rectangle is now drawn in white.

  • Pressing the Escape button will fit the image to the viewport maintaining the current rotation, pressing the Escape button again while the image is already fit to the viewport will reset image rotation.

  • While drawing an oriented bounding box, users can choose whether to align the new box to image edges or window edges:

  • If you press and hold the Ctrl key while rotating an oriented bounding box, box rotation will be restricted to 15 degrees increments.

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