Save changes on the server

Verification (Validation)

The script in project settings contains conditions that must be met to pass the check. If the conditions are not met, a corresponding message will appear when clicking the "Check" button. For instance, if objects overlap, the operator will receive a notification "Object overlap is present".

Completing work on the file

Annotation completed

After completing the file, the operator confirms the annotation and sends it for verification (if it is implied) before moving on to the next file in the editor.

Postpone for clarification

Sends the file for refinement. After refinement, the file is given one of the statuses: annotated, being verified, verified, or rejected. After sending the file to Postponed, the following file appears in the Editor to work with it.


Declines irrelevant files. After declining a file, the next file appears in the Editor to work with.

Worker info

Shows the information on who annotated and verified the file as well as allows to assign and unassign users

Backup versions

Opens the backup saves window (previously saved file annotations)

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