Super User

The super user role on the Keylabs platform typically refers to a user with the same permissions as the Admin. However, this user does not have the ability to upload or delete images and videos. Super users manage the overall functionality and development of the platform. They may have access to additional features and tools that regular users do not have.

Some specific responsibilities of a super user on an annotation platform may include:

  1. Developing and customizing the platform: Super users may be responsible for developing and customizing the annotation platform to meet their organization's or clients' specific needs. This may involve working with software developers to create new features or integrations.

  2. Setting platform policies: Super users may set platform policies and guidelines, such as acceptable use policies or data privacy policies.

  3. Monitoring annotation quality: Super users can also monitor the quality of annotations completed by users on the platform and ensure that they meet the desired level of accuracy.

Overall, the super user role on an annotation platform is highly technical and strategic, focused on developing and improving the platform to meet the organization's or clients' specific needs.

An employee with the Super User role has several permissions and capabilities. They can fulfill the roles of annotator and verifier, and have access to all projects on the platform. Furthermore, they can make changes to project settings, customize classes and attributes, change configurations, add users to projects (except for the client), change project and file status, view changes to statuses and file annotations, modify due dates, generate and export reports on all projects, export files, load exports on reports and project pages, and generate and export tables on the Users and Locations pages.

Additionally, a Super User can add new users to the platform, as well as edit the information of existing users, including assigning roles to users, but not above the Super User role.

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