Application navigation

In the header of the page you can see the following section:

The Information panel displays the platform name, section selection button, section name, project name, project file name, shift time timer, total working time timer, shift timer on/off button, and screen theme selection panel (auto, dark, and light). It also shows the surname and name of the employee who logged into the platform.

You can exit the Working Window by clicking Logout in the drop-down list:

  • YES, END Shift - go to the Platform Entrance Window with the timer of the current shift switched off;

  • NO - go to the Platform Entrance Window with the current shift timer switched on;

  • CANCEL - stay in the Working Window.

In order to move to another section you should choose the necessary option from the drop down list

The number of available sections varies depending on the user's role.

At the bottom of the page, you can reload the page, move between the rows and export to CSV.

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