Project Manager

The project manager on the Keylabs platform oversees the annotation project from start to finish, ensuring it is completed accurately, efficiently, and on time.

Some specific responsibilities of a project manager on an annotation platform may include:

  1. Planning the project: permissions to create new projects and setting the relevant objectives and attributes depending on each project.

  2. Supervising the annotation team: The project manager assigns tasks to annotation team members, monitors their progress, and provides guidance and feedback as needed.

  3. Quality control: The project manager must ensure annotations are accurate, consistent, and meet project requirements. They may implement quality control measures, such as spot checks, to ensure high-quality annotations.

  4. Communication: The project manager communicates with the client or the customer success manager about the project status, addressing any concerns or questions they may have, and providing regular updates on progress.

Overall, the project manager is critical in ensuring the annotation project is completed successfully and meets client expectations.

As a Project Manager, an employee has the ability to perform various tasks. They can act as an annotator or verifier, make changes to the project settings such as customizing classes and attributes, change configurations, add users to the project (annotator, verifier or manager, but not higher than Project Manager), modify the status of the project and files, generate reports of assigned projects, export project files, upload exports on the reports and projects pages, and view information about platform users on the "Users" page. The "Users" page provides details about the user, their role in the project (annotator, verifier or project manager), and the projects they worked on.

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