Adding a user

To assign project users in the "Users" tab, click the "Add User" button from the list of available users. You can then select who should be assigned to a certain block, such as customers, managers, annotators, and verifiers, by ticking the checkbox.

To add a user to any of the required blocks, press the "Add User" button and assign workers to the position on the project, such as Customer, Manager, Annotation, or Verification, in the opened users window.

The "Users" pop-up window in the "Customers" block displays all users who have the Customer role.

The "Users" pop-up window in the "Managers" block displays all users with the Project Manager, Super User, and Admin roles.

In the "Annotators" and "Verifiers" blocks, the "Users" pop-up window displays all users who have the roles of Worker, Project Manager, Super User, and Admin.

When you need to assign the same group of workers to a stage in a project that is already assigned to another stage in that project, or to another project. To do so, right click in the block with requested workers and choose one of the options:

You can unassign users from the original project by ticking the correspondent box in the menu.

You can define target velocity for every annotation or verification stage, as time per file / object / instance.

For the sake of consistency, average time per file / object / instance in velocity report is displayed with milliseconds, as well as work duration and work start / end times in velocity and other reports.

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