Files filtering

There are various criteria for filtering files in the project, which can help you find specific files or groups of files with particular features. You can enable the display of the filters, which are:

  • File name;

  • Segment;

  • Created on - the date of creation (upload) of the file is displayed;

  • Last changed on - the date of most recent editing of the file;

  • Stage

  • Stage type

  • Frames

  • Width

  • Height

  • Objects - number of annotated objects in the file;

  • Comments - the number of comments present in the file;

  • Open comments

  • External comments

  • Open external comments

  • Resolved external comments;

  • Verified external comments;

  • Assignee name, login, and tags;

  • Assigned on;

  • Due date;

  • Annotation completed on;

  • Annotation worker name, login, and tags;

  • Verification completed on;

  • Verification worker name, login, and tags;

  • Stage changed on;

  • Stage changer name, login, and tags;

  • Annotation changed on;

  • Annotation changer name, login, and tags.

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