Frame scaling is performed by the mouse scroller when the cursor is active on the image or with the buttons combination Shift+Win+Left click. To return the frame to its original scale, use the [Esc] button on the keyboard.

The accuracy of marker point location can be improved by brightening the image, switching the arrow to the crosshairs, overlaying the grid on the image, and smoothing pixels when zooming in.

The settings set on the toolbar in the Editor are saved when proceeding to the next file


Show all borders

Show visible borders

Do not show borders

This function allows you to see either all of the object's boundaries, only the visible (non-overlapped) ones, or not show them at all

Show vertices

If you activate this function, the object's vertex points will be visible.

Attributes display

The function shows/hides object attributes in editor area

Object coloring mode

This function enables you to change the color of the objects based on their class color or random colors.

Show/Hide object classes

This function allows you to filter objects by the classes displayed on the frame

Show only the selected object

Show subtree of the selected object

Show all objects

Hide all objects

Toggles between the states: - Show only the selected object, whereupon only the selected object is displayed in the editor - Show the subtree of the selected object, after selecting this state the editor displays the selected object and its subtree (parent+child) - Show all objects, after selecting this state the editor displays all annotated objects

Show crosshairs

Do not show the crosshairs

This function switches between cursor and crosshairs.


This function switches the pixel grid display on and off. To adjust the grid size, right-click on the grid toggle button and select the desired size from the menu. β€œ1 px” option is always in the menu, and if the minimal object size is configured in the project, that option will also be in the menu for quick selection. Current grid size will also be present in the menu, so the user can see what size is selected.

Smooth the picture when zooming in

Do not smooth the picture when zooming in

This function switches the picture smoothing function when the picture is being zoomed in

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