TimeTable Aggregated

Shift-Aggregation reports are generated through a command and display information about the projects that the workers have been working on, whether they attended briefings and whether they worked their full shift hours. You can upload a CSV file to check the workers' shifts or carry out the reconciliation directly on the platform. The Shift-Aggregation reports can be aggregated by Date, User, Project, Overtime and Work Type, with a "Total Amounts" cell included.

To break it down further, here is what each cell does:

  • "Date" cell: aggregate data by date of work

  • "User" cell: combine data by user (operator)

  • "Project" cell: combine data on projects

  • "Overtime" cell: combine data on overtime work

  • "Type of work" cell: combine data by type of work

  • "Show Total Amounts" cell: display totals in the header of the tabular part under the column name.

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