Video annotation

The process of video annotation does not differ significantly. However, there are a few crucial features available when working with video materials only.

Key frame

Video is a sequence of images annotated in a row. The interpolation function allows users to annotate every 5/10/... frame instead of annotating every single frame. To find out more about interpolation go here.

Object visibility

Merge and split

If one object was annotated with two masks you can merge them into one without the need of redrawing and deleting instances. The function merges two objects by taking all instances of one up to the current frame and all instances of the other from the current frame onwards and joining them into one.

For example, you have a 100-frame video. A car was annotated as Car_1 from Frame 9 to Frame 23, and the same car was annotated as Car_2 from Frame 25 to Frame 89. You can merge Car_1 and Car_2 into one object. To do so:

If you merge object 1 with object 2 on Frame 20, all the instances of object 2 will be discarded in the subsequent frames.

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