User roles

On the Keylabs platform, roles are assigned primarily based on the job titles of the users. These roles come with specific permissions and responsibilities that correspond to a particular type of user. Therefore, user roles are assigned based on the user's role in the annotation process.

The Keylabs platform includes the following roles:

  • Worker

  • Project Manager

  • Super User

  • Admin

  • Customer

Actions available WorkerProject ManagerSuper UserAdmin



Adding users to the project

Assigning files

Making changes to the project settings

Create and download exports

Have access to all the projects on the platform

See "Users", "Reports", "Locations" pages

Creating users with role not higher than one's role

Creating and setting up a project

Login as other users, change passwords, and deactivate accounts

Create "Customer" users

Assign rights to clients to view information about the project

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