Merge project creation

The merge feature can come in handy when working with large file. It can be split into a few smaller ones and be processed much more quickly.

When dealing with large files, dividing them into smaller segments can simplify and speed up the workflow. For example, you can split one big video into 10 segments and get them annotated by different workers similtaniously. However, in the merge project, this clip will be combined into one seamless video, with the previously separated segments glued together. It's crucial that the annotations of the objects on the seams between these segments match up perfectly. This means that objects that appear at the end of one segment and at the beginning of the next must be annotated in the same way. Even objects that disappear halfway through one segment and reappear in the middle of the next must be accounted for.

Annotation in the Merge project is impossible.

After this, the corresponding window will appear.

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