Project Status

The Project Status block allows you to indicate the current status of your project. There are five options to choose from:

  • New: If your project is still being customized or set up, you can set the status as "New".

  • Open: If you and your team are actively working on the project, you can set the status as "Open".

  • Suspended: If your project is temporarily on hold or paused, you can set the status as "Suspended".

  • Closed: Once your project is finished, you can set the status as "Closed".

  • Deleted: If you want to remove a remote project, you can set the status as "Deleted". Please note that double-clicking the left mouse button will permanently delete the project.

By activating the "Allow task" checkboxes on the "My tasks" page, you can assign a user to the project and grant them access to relevant project functions. This includes the ability to track working time and generate reports.

  • Clone

  • Create Merge project

It is necessary to create a Merge project if, for example, a video file is divided into segments, but you are interested in the file as a whole.

To illustrate, one clip in the primary project is divided into 10 parts. However, in the merged project, this same clip will appear as a whole unit. Consequently, it becomes necessary to join or glue these segments together. It is important to note that each end of a segment is also the beginning of the next. Therefore, the annotations at the seams of each segment must be consistent with those in the main project.

When clicking on the "Clone" button, the corresponding window will open

In this window you can change the Project Name. However, you cannot change the Project Type, as it is set to default based on the original Project.

By selecting the "File management" option, you can add files to the platform. If you choose the "Storage on Platform" option, files will need to be uploaded manually. Alternatively, if you select the "External storage" option, the tech team will upload the files.

Once you have filled in all the required details, don't forget to save your changes.

If you want to create a Merge Project, click on the "Create Merge Project" button to open the corresponding window.

Project statistics on the Project Status tab displays general information of files with detailed count:

  • Total Files - the number of files on the project;

  • Annotation - the number of files assigned to annotation;

  • Verification - the number of files assigned to verification;

  • Deferred - number of files deferred for verification;

  • Declined - number of discarded files;

  • Completed - number of finished files.

Clicking on the "Detailed statistics" button opens a table with a detailed overview of the status of files and objects assigned to the project

"Class" displays the types of objects configured in the project.

"Annotation" shows all data on objects that are in the Annotation status.

"Verification" displays all data on objects that are in the Verification status.

"Deferred" displays all data on objects that have been postponed for refinement.

"Declined" displays all data on objects that have been sent to the Declined status.

"Completed" displays data for completed files and objects that have passed all stages.

Each section provides information on the following:

  • Files: the number of files in the corresponding status section that have this object.

  • Objects: the number of objects of the given class created in the files.

  • Frames with objects: the number of frames that contain this object.

  • Object instances: the number of instances of the object.

  • Key object instances: the number of key object instances.

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