Clicking this icon calls up the mini-map where you can see a thumbnail image of the entire picture you are working with, and highlights current working zone.


Comments indicator

The icon indicator signals the presence of comments for processing. Clicking it opens the "Comments" window with a filter panel: Status (open/processed/verified), Type (internal/public), Frame (frame number to which the comment refers), Object (object number to which the comment refers), Message (message text, there is a filter of comments by keywords in messages), Created (date of comment creation, allows selecting a specific date of comment creation), Updated (date of comment update, allows selecting a specific date of comment update). Comments can be queued in alphabetical order and by creation date or update.

List of objects

Enabling this function opens the object list window. The functions available in this window are:


Enabling this feature opens the file attributes window (when no object is selected), and the object attributes window (when an object is selected)


This function allows the user to adjust the opacity of the given layers of an image by dragging the slider of a layer. The layers toolbar will not be shown if layers are not used in the project.

Color adjustment

This feature enables users to adjust settings for brightness, contrast, and color. Each parameter's slider can be moved right or left to modify the value, and a 100% button to the right of the slider resets the default value.

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