Кelease notes 1.83

Keylabs 1.83 Release Notes

A confirmation message will be displayed by the browser if a user tries to leave the editor (by closing browser tab/window or by navigating away) if there are unsaved changes in the editor.

Target velocity configuration

On platforms where the Timetable feature is enabled, users now can define target velocity for every annotation or verification stage, as time per file / object / instance. This is done through the Users tab in the project details page.

Target velocity is not currently used by the platform in any way, but might be used in the future.

Occlusion attribute configuration

Previously, the platform required the “occlusion” attribute values to have export ids exactly “0”, “1”, and “2” in order for the attribute to be recognized and handled in a special way.

Starting with this version, the platform will recognize “occlusion” as a special attribute as long as it has 2 or 3 values regardless of values export ids.

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