Release notes 1.80

Keylabs 1.80 Release Notes

Brush tool for bitmaps

This release brings several new tools for editing bitmap objects, and Brush is the first of them.

Users can select brush shape and size (tip: use β€˜[β€˜ and β€˜]’ keyboard shortcuts to decrease/increase brush size by 1 pixel), and also alternate between adding pixels to the mask (brush) or removing them (erase).

Click and drag the mouse pointer to draw.

Brush tool also allows drawing straight lines: to draw a straight line, click where the line should begin, then ctrl+click where it should end. Ctrl+click again to add more straight segments.

1. click at the start point

2. ctrl+click at the end point

3. ctrl+click again to add more segments

Spot healing tool for bitmaps

Auto-annotation using the magic-wand tool or AI assisted annotation may produce a noise in the form of little holes in the mask, or similarly sized isolated groups of masked pixels around the mask (islands). The spot healing tool can automatically remove such artifacts.



A hole (green border) and its convex hull (red border)

When using the spot healing tool, users can select what to remove (holes, islands or both), and specify the maximum size threshold for objects to be removed. Size of a hole or an island is calculated as the area, in pixels, of the convex hull around that hole.

Edge smoothing tool for bitmaps

Another kind of artifact that may result from using auto-annotation is noisy image borders. The edge smoothing tool may help straighten such edges.



While using this tool, users can adjust how much of the initial shape details the algorithm may discard.

Other minor improvements in the editor

Now users can use the β€œB” keyboard key (without modifiers) to cycle through borders displaying modes.

Objects displaying mode (show selected object / show selection subtree / show all objects) will now be preserved after leaving the editor.

Icons used for objects displaying modes were made more similar to each other to make it easier for the users to identify the button in any mode.

Comments in exports

Now users can add a comment when starting a new export job.

The comment will be added to the export archive as a file named comment.txt.

In addition, comments will be displayed in the exports list in the Export tab.

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