Release notes 1.82

Keylabs 1.82 Release Notes

Editor updates

Image adjustment and Layer toolbars separated

For a long time, image adjustment (brightness, contrast) was part of the layers configuration toolbar, and it caused a lot of confusion among users.

Now these toolbars are finally separated, and layers toolbar will not be shown if layers are not used in the project.

Variable grid size

Grid cell size may now be adjusted by the user.

In some projects only objects above a certain size threshold need to be annotated. Having a reference grid always drawn over the image helps to determine whether an object meets the criteria or not.

To adjust the grid size, right-click on the grid toggle button and select the desired size from the menu. โ€œ1 pxโ€ option is always in the menu, and if the minimal object size is configured in the project, that option will also be in the menu for quick selection. Current grid size will also be present in the menu, so the user can see what size is selected.

Minimal object size is now always a square

Previously the platform allowed setting different minimal object width and minimal object height. Practice shows that this ability was never used, so now the minimal object size is the same for both dimensions.

Validation scripts

API change

Validation script API has been significantly simplified. Instead of receiving the entire annotation data, the script now only receives project and file IDs and is expected to fetch the data it needs through the platform API. Validation script cannot modify annotation data or comments.

Merge projects

Validation script may now be added to merge projects.


If the validation script fails to run or outputs anything to the standard error stream, the error message and all streams from the latest failed script execution will be captured and may be reviewed through platform UI.

Other changes

Mandatory fields indication

There are mandatory fields in various forms that must be filled in before the form may be submitted. Now these fields are marked with an asterisk.

Design updates

This version contains several minor design updates in various areas.

Error reporting in the API

Now when the server returns an HTTP 422 error due to a malformed request, it provides an explanation for why the request was rejected: e.g. a pointer to a specific field in the request and what exactly was wrong with it.

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