Release notes 1.84

Keylabs 1.84 Release Notes

Transfer users between projects

It is often required to assign the same group of workers to a stage in a project that is already assigned to another stage in that project, or to another project. Sometimes, it is also required to unassign these workers from the original project at the same time.

It is now possible to achieve both of these requirements using the new feature called “transfer users”. The feature may be accessed through the context menu in Users configuration tab on the project details page.

It is also possible to transfer customers and managers between projects in the same manner (in this case, you will only be asked to select projects without stages).

Millisecond precision in target velocity and reports

Target velocity, which was added in the previous version, may now be configured with milliseconds precision, for instance: “1.400 seconds per instance”.

For the sake of consistency, average time per file / object / instance in velocity report is now also displayed with milliseconds, as well as work duration and work start / end times in velocity and other reports.

Briefing is always available

Workers may now access Briefing through My Assignments page when Briefing is enabled in a project, but work is not enabled in any of the stages.

In previous versions, workers could not access Briefing if they were not assigned to at least one stage in the project where work is enabled in addition to enabling the briefing.

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