Release notes 1.86

Keylabs 1.86 Release Notes

Selection highlight color

Selection in the objects list in the editor and in several other places in the application is now indicated using a stronger, more distinct color. At the same time, pointer focus (hover) is indicated in lighter color.



Using boolean attribute as a Dependency

It is now possible to select a boolean attribute as a dependency for another attribute.

Image rotation - activation fix

In the previous version image rotation was introduced. Unfortunately, its activation through a Ctrl + Left Mouse Button conflicted with several other features in the editor and made some of these features partially unusable.

To amend the problem, rotation is now activated using Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button .

Users who do not have the middle mouse button, may use Ctrl + ⌘Command + Left Mouse Button (on Mac) or Ctrl + ⊞Win + Left Mouse Button (on Linux) instead.

Quick scale

Click Shift + Middle Mouse Button to activate quick scale mode.

When quick scale mode is activated, a vertical ruler appears on the screen. It has 3 marks:

  • Circle indicates the initial scale

  • Short dash indicates the 1:1 scale

  • Long dash indicates the current scale

Move the mouse up or down to quickly adjust image scale.

Scales from 6.25% (×¹⁄₁₆) and up to 4000% (×40) are supported.

Users who do not have the middle mouse button, may use Shift + ⌘Command + Left Mouse Button (on Mac) or Shift + ⊞Win + Left Mouse Button (on Linux) instead.

Image position adjustment - activation change

Currently image position adjusted in the editor may be activated using one of the following combinations:

  1. Left Mouse Button – in some cases

  2. Shift + Left Mouse Button – always

  3. Middle Mouse Button – always

  4. ⌘Command + Left Mouse Button or ⊞Win + Left Mouse Button – always

Methods (1) and (2) are now deprecated and will be removed in one of the following versions. Method (4) was added in the version 1.86 to replace method (2).

Occlusion indication

Occlusion indication changed in version 1.86.

Occluded skeleton / mesh points are drawn with a black dot inside the point instead of entirely black. Fully occluded points are drawn with an additional red cross-over (just like before).

In a skeleton / mesh object with whole-object occlusion, and line object with occlusion, all points are drawn according to the object’s occlusion with black dot in the middle and a red cross-over if the object is fully occluded.

In a bounding box, cuboid and polygon objects with occlusion, all points are drawn according to the object’s occlusion with black dot in the middle but without the red cross-over on a fully occluded object.

Lines are now always drawn solid (not dashed or dotted) regardless of object occlusion.

Temporarily hide all objects in editor

Press Shift+Q to temporarily hide all objects in the editor (including ones being currently created or edited). Press Shift+Q (or just Q) again to reveal the objects.

The same functionality is also available through the menu bar.

Editor toolbar buttons rearrangement

Buttons in the editor’s main toolbar were rearranged in a bit more logical way:

● Undo and Redo buttons moved further right to avoid accidental undo when trying to add a new object.

● Save button moved before the Validate and Complete work buttons.

● The Validate button is now available in preview mode.

Icons in the Add Object dropdown menu are painted according to class color.

Hide annotator names from other annotators

  • Comment author / editor names are now hidden in comment details form when the editor is in working mode.

  • Snapshot author name is now hidden when the editor is in working mode.

Stay in add / delete vertex mode

When entering Add Vertex mode or Delete Vertex mode, the editor will remain in this mode until the user clicks the “Close” button or presses the “Escape” key, allowing adding or deleting multiple vertices in one go.

Add a link to the project from worker editor

When the editor is in working mode and the current user has permission to view project details, the project name in the breadcrumbs will contain a link to the project details page:

Improve confirmation messages

  • When selecting to complete work in the editor (as a worker), the confirmation box now shows the selected transition:

  • When changing file stage in the editor (as a manager), confirmation box now shows the selected stage:

Other editor improvements

  • Grid in the editor is now drawn using the same color that is used for crosshair. The color may be toggled between black and white using the Ctrl + Shift + I keyboard shortcut.

  • Selected Brush size and shape are preserved between editing sessions.

  • When editing a bitmap and switching between lasso append / lasso subtract tools or between auto-select append / auto-select subtract, the current lasso / points are not reset.

  • Lasso subtract tool is now drawn using slightly dimmed object color.

  • When drawing a skeleton, the next point to be placed is drawn under the mouse pointer, similar to polygon and lasso drawing.

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