Release notes 1.88

Keylabs 1.88 Release Notes

Preview files side-by-side with the files list

Users can now open a fully functional editor side by side with the project files list by clicking a file in the files list. This functionality replaces the file preview dialog that was used in earlier versions. The file that is currently open in the editor is highlighted in the files list.

Files list width may be adjusted by dragging the divider between the files list and the editor. Dragging the divider all the way to the right will close the editor. Dragging the divider all the way to the left will close the files list.

Alternatively, there are buttons that close the editor or the files list, and a button that opens the files list alongside the editor if the editor is open without the files list.

“Close files list” and “Close editor” buttons

“Open files list” button

Support for smaller screens in the editor toolbar

Editor toolbar now adjusts to the available window width: all toolbar buttons are now arranged into several groups; when there is not enough space to display all the buttons, some buttons in each group will be replaced by a dropdown menu.

Some items hidden, accessible through the “...” dropdown buttons

Most of the buttons hidden

Few buttons were moved to the new “Tools” group:

  • Measure Distance

  • Open manual

  • Jump to seam frame (in merge editor)

  • Preview segment (also in merge editor)

Auto-save configuration is now accessible through the Preferences button in the Tools section.

Resizing side panels in the editor

It is now possible to adjust the width of the side panels in the editor by dragging their edge. The maximum width of each panel is half the width of the editor window.

Navigation bar changes

  • The entire main section element of the navigation bar is now a button that opens a dropdown menu in which the user can select a section to navigate to.

Before: main sections menu drops down from the icon

Now: the entire main section is a dropdown button

  • Within the reports section, the navigation bar now displays the name of the current report, and another report may be selected through the navigation bar instead of the in-plage selector.

Before: current report name is not shown in the navigation bar; report selection through a button in page toolbar

Now: current report name is shown in the navigation bar; report selection through the navigation bar

  • Within the project details page, the current section (Status, Files, Classes, etc) is now displayed in the navigation bar and may be changed from there.

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