Release notes 1.89

Changes in object editing tools

Editing and moving modes for Skeleton and Mesh objects will not have apply and undo buttons anymore. Instead, every modification is applied immediately, and may be undone using the regular undo button in the editor top toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl+Z.



As may be seen on the picture above, all actions – keyframes navigation, changing object visibility, deleting the object, etc – are now available in editing and moving modes.

To leave editing or moving mode, press the Escape keyboard key, click corresponding mode button again, or just select another object.

Bounding box, Cuboid, Polygon and Multiline objects now have distinct editing and moving modes, similar to Skeleton and Mesh.

Bitmap moving mode also behaves identical to other object types.

Moving and various editing modes also behave the same for the 3D box in the point cloud editor.

Other editor improvements

  • When drawing a skeleton, the next point to be placed will not be drawn under the mouse pointer anymore. This behavior was introduced for consistency with polygons in version 1.86, but turned out to be more confusing than helping, and is therefore reverted.

Admins can terminate running shifts

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